About Us

Adventurista Boutique is an inspiring and fun community. A place where you can shop clothes and accessories that will speak to your wanderlust soul. This space was created for the woman who seeks adventure in the everyday, no matter where she is, or what she is doing. Inspired by our founder’s own sense of adventure and wanderlust, we curate and carry styles and products from a number of designers, many of which are from other female designers and companies.

We believe that style is a vital way of expressing yourself, and that everyone deserves to feel fierce and fabulous in their clothes. We carry sizes 0-24. We believe that feeling good happens from the inside out. And feeling good in your clothes is an important aspect of this. Confidence is like magic, and when you are in alignment with who you truly are, in all aspects of your life, you will make amazing things happen.

More than just a boutique, we are a community, where you can find weekly life & style tips, free personal styling, and a fun and supportive group of women!      Click here to join our Facebook community (you’ll always get first dibs + it’s the only place you can watch our weekly Facebook LIVE show.)

Our founder’s story:

Hi, I’m Shannon! My love for fashion and clothes started at a very young age. Fast forward to 2011, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) Eric and I were living in Washington, DC, planning our escape from climbing the career ladder. We used to run down 16th street towards the White House and back up to our 500 sq. foot apartment. On these runs, we would talk about our dreams and plans. One night, while discussing future goals, I had a strong vision come through about starting a clothing company. Eric and I talked and daydreamed about what that would look like, but the idea was pushed to the side, as we moved forward with our dream of living out of a backpack and suitcase for a few years, traveling the world. Living out that dream eventually brought us to 37 countries in three years. (more about travel.)

In 2014, we were hiking El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a spiritual pilgrimage across northern Spain. Going into this hike, we had no intentions of settling down in one place or making any plans that would keep us in one place for too long. Towards the end of the hike, on a beautiful day, I had a crystal clear vision of having a home base, a home, and a business, rooted in one place. This vision initially scared me, as it was the complete opposite of what Eric and I had thought we wanted for our lives. But then we found ourselves back in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the town Eric was born and raised in, where we ended up buying the oldest church in our town. (Yes, we bought a church!)

Simultaneously, I ended up working for a clothing company, where I sold clothes through them exclusively for three years. However, while that was a great experience, similar to the vision I had on El Camino, in the fall of 2017, a new vision came through loud and clear, that it was time for me to create something new- and on my own.

And thus, Adventurista Boutique was born! My mission and calling in life is to provide women with amazing clothes that inspire their sense of adventure. I want to help you feel amazing, get in tune with your unique sense of style, and inspire you to live life on your own terms.

Prior to Adventurista Boutique and my life in the clothing industry, I worked in Washington, DC at various nonprofits that focused on empowering women, including one that worked with immigrant and refugee artists. I consulted the White House Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs on young women's issues. In 2008, Oprah Winfrey selected me as one of 80 "Tomorrow's Leaders", where I was featured in "O, The Oprah Magazine." I co-founded the nonprofit organization "Collective Action for Safe Spaces", which still operates today. I traveled around the U.S. speaking to people representing professional industries, centers of academia, and many types of groups, forums, and roundtables, about women’s issues. I started a coaching business called The Life Adventurista in 2012.

Adventurista Boutique is a culmination of all my past work experiences and all of my passions combined.

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